Braxton’s Writings



The day I was born I felt the power inside my mine going and going out my roll caster ride of my life of mochen goings on in side some days I can be happy but other can be a Night marr at time, minittes after minittes go bye time after time keep going bye hour after hour dos by days bye days go by then weeks go by then months and year by year I struggling throght my crazy life of my it go on and on with feeling going inside of my mine and my boddy, feeling can make apart my the day sometime feeling are corchoiling me stome time, I can feel my mine racing through and my hert bumping fass my life is changling nay of my mottchen.


Dear Everyone,
List up I’m going tell about my the Bi-Polar part first and yes this Braxton LeRoy. What see noun what should I start with, OI’ no te bigening of my life. I was born in Michigan in Grand Rapids the year was 2000 March 28, 2000, my named Melissa and my dad Patricks my greatist mom and dad a kid have. Now lets talk about my starting into Bipolar when I was 9 years old. It started what do I mean will I began to get anger and agrasses like hitting, kicking, screeming bagging my head on the wall throaghing thing braking thing hitting, hitting, ripping thing and swearing, you wander why will its probably was stupod thing you must and erway I did that will I don’t no why I did that will I could contrae myselfwhen I’m in the state of mine of the Bi-Polar statge. You say what are statges will I will tell, its like a rollcoster. like sometime I’m very happy and comethen I a start to go up the hill of the rollcoast, I’m on the go, I’m anxsnis I’m then I go up more on the rollcoaster noun I mad and stells and manick agry frustred and happy thats when I get to mad and Id crazy and stupid stuff like hitting and kickiing running into traffic and other that Im anger before, then I go down the rollcoaster, I fall it to saddness and deprison like mopping round sleeping and all dpress then I go strate in rollcoaster and noon I’m happy agian, That is how life, there more, I ben in many hospitals for help with my anger and tojust my meds, the hospits are not fun to stay for week your family will miss you it a deprison so don’t do dum stuff then you don’t go noun you know my life of Bi-polar.